Dress Code

Each Lockeford student must adhere to a standard dress code. The Education Code of California and LUSD Board Policy 5132 states students should wear, "Clothing that is conducive to a productive learning environment." Aside from properly fitting clothing, void of gang insignia or alcohol/substance abuse messages, we ask our students to assist us in maintaining a healthy, productive environment by supporting our dress code. 

The Lockeford administration has the right to determine appropriate dress.  Violations of the dress code will result in request for parent to either bring appropriate clothes to school or students will be given school clothing.  Students will not return to class dressed inappropriately.

middle school dress code 

1.     Pants, shorts and skirts:  Slacks, trousers, jeans and sweat pants are permitted.  Shorts and skirts must be hemmed and no shorter than fingertip length for school.  Waistbands must be worn at or above the hipbone.  Boxers are not permitted as an outside layer.  Shorts or undergarments worn beneath pants should NOT be visible. Leggings and tights must be worn with another layer that covers the buttocks.

2.     Tops: T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts and blouses must cover tops of shoulders, stomach and cleavage. Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, off-the-shoulder and spaghetti straps are not permitted.  Bra straps must be completely covered. 

3.     Dresses: Dresses must follow guidelines for skirts and tops.

4.     Shoes: Sandals will be permitted, but students must bring athletic shoes for use in P.E.  Students are not allowed to change clothes or shoes in class.  Flip-flops and slippers are not allowed.

5.     Logos/Patches:  Must be in good taste and must not display profanity, be sexually suggestive, or advertise alcohol, tobacco, or any controlled substance.  Shirts may not display the number 3, 4, 13 or 14, or any gang symbol or image.

6.     Accessories:  No red or blue belts.  No bandanas of any kind or color.

7.     Hats:  Hats and hoods may only be worn outside.  “Do-rags” and bandanas are not allowed at any time. 

8.     Hair:  For safety reasons, students must wear their hair in such a way that their faces are completely visible. 

9.       MultiplesExcept on designated school spirit days, students may NOT dress in matching or coordinated outfits or colors.

10.       Pajamas: Pajamas or slippers are not allowed.



elementary dress code

• If jewelry is worn, make sure it does not hang.

• Shorts/skort, skirt length is to be no higher than the finger tips when arms are at the side are deemed appropriate for the elementary school environment.

• We recommend a tennis or athletic shoe for students, especially days when the children have a formal physical education class.

• Shirts with spaghetti straps, halter tops, or that expose the abdomen or belly button are not allowed.

• Hats/Hoods must be removed upon entering buildings.