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School Policies

Our school's policies are designed to provide the safest academic environment possible.

See our school's policies below. For more information, please call the front office or contact us.


For school rules regarding dress code, attendance, and more, please see our school handbooks below.


Please email to clear your absence.  

Daily attendance at school is important for your child's schooling.  Each day standards are taught and knowledge builds.  Missing school can lead to students missing work and the practice necessary for their success in school.  Life skills are demonstrated, practiced and refined at school and through school activities/work.

However, your child will get sick from time to time, and in order to keep other students from getting sick, and to help your child get better faster, it may be necessary to keep your child at home. 

If Your Child Needs to Stay Home
  1. Email the school office to let them know your child is absent; 
  2. Have your child complete as much of their work that they already have as possible per their health;
  3. Ask the teacher if there is any work your child can do to stay up with their studies;
  4. If there's no other work, have your child read; and
  5. Help your child get well again soon.
Excused Absences
There are 4 reasons an absence can be cleared (excused):
  • Ill
  • Medical
  • Funeral (immediate family only. 1 day in California, 3 days allowed out of state)
  • Court