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Our educational community of parents, teachers, students and administrators assure all children receive guidance and instruction to develop their academic, personal and social skills to the fullest.

Our curriculum is based on the State of California and Lodi Unified School District grade-level standards. Varied teaching strategies and techniques are utilized to accommodate different learning styles and our diverse student population. Opportunities are provided for all students to apply learning to actual life situations.

Lockeford School serves about 500 students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Located seven miles east of Lodi the school utilizes a modified-traditional calendar. Principal Michael Rogers and Vice Principal Charalee Cunningham work in cooperation with a school leadership team consisting of staff members. The leadership team directs school improvement efforts, plan activities to support Common Core Standards, communicate issues with other staff members and analyze data to determine effectiveness of programs and future needs.

Decisions related to areas of focus are made by the entire staff after initial meetings with the leadership team and parent groups. Parent input is gathered during meetings of the school Site Council, Parent-Teacher Association, the English Language Advisory Committee, and the parent survey.

Our students receive a standards based, comprehensive education focusing on language arts and math, but also encompassing all other subject areas including; science, social studies, physical education, classroom music, computer skills, English language development and the Life Skills.

Students are consistently recognized for their academic achievement, attendance and positive school contributions through a variety of classroom and school wide incentive programs.

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